Therapist Sets Up Counselling Service For Celebrity Parents.

Therapist Sets Up Counselling Service For Celebrity Parents.

A New York psychotherapist is asking LINDSAY LOHAN and PARIS HILTON to help him turn a new celebrity parenting venture into a big success - by encouraging mums like Britney Spears to ask for advice.

Blake Le Vine has created online help site CelebrityParentsAssociation.com after years spent studying the dynamics between stars and their kids.

Le Vine, who counted child stars Christina Ricci and Macaulay Culkin among his classmates when he attended New York's Professional Children's School, is troubled by stories about parents in the spotlight and wants to help.

He says, "After becoming a licensed social worker I noticed the troubles celebrity parents were having.

In the last year we have all read about the crazy behaviour of many well known celebrities. The founding of this organisation is to help educate parents both in and out of the entertainment industry about how to be healthy parents.

"I fear that if today's stars do not learn how to control their behaviour and get treatment for their addictions and problems it will be impossible for their children to have healthy lives."

And he's hoping Hollywood's most celebrated party girls, Lohan and Hilton, can help him: "I've emailed them in the hope they can offer my site, CelebrityParentsAssociation.org, as a source to their parenting friends.

"Many of these people are role models to other parents, so it's important they put out a good message about raising children."


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