Suki Chui Steals the Limelight from Shirley Yeung with Low Cut Dress

Shirley Yeung and Suki Chui took part in a promotion for personal care products in Causeway Bay yesterday and recognised as having a great figure, Shirley already wore a very sexy outfit, but even she lost some of the limelight to Suki who wore a short white strap dress. Suki's bust seems to have become bigger since she took part in Miss Hong Kong and she admits that she has a fuller figure now, but this is a healthy look. She denies stealing her senior Shirley's limelight, saying that she has great beauty as well as an outstanding figure.

As Mothers Day draws near, the two girls were given a one minute sweet of the venue to get as many products as possible to take home as a gift to their mothers. However, neither of them went for the expensive items and just picked up some cheap things such as shampoo, toilet roll and toothbrushes. The reporters branded them both as very thrifty, but they both explained that they chose items that would be useful in everyday use. Asked what gifts they would be buying their mothers, Suki says that she will take her parents out for a plentiful meal and give a months salary to her mother to buy something nice for herself. Shirley says: "I want to give my mother a surprise, so I will not say just yet."

Aside from this, Shirley was photographed earlier by a newspaper out on a date with her boyfriend, but when she was asked about this, she did not want to talk about this. She explains this is just normal behaviour and she wants to keep it low profile, but maybe because her series is being aired, so she is being followed around. As for the troubles that they both passed through earlier, has this made their relationship even stronger? She says she does not want to talk about it and denies that the company is putting pressure on her.

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