Do You Think She Paid?

MySpace fights continue in the Hollyhood. This time Lauren Hastings responds on her MySpace to the story that Lilo broke into her house under false pretences and stole $10K worth of clothes from Lauren’s house while she was away:

So it’s finally come to this.

Last night someone tried to break into my house & I’ve been physically sick for a week. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

I know a lot of people are reading the celebrity gossip Blogs and I’m getting a ton of messages asking me about what’s going on with me and “the person” who stole $10,000 worth of my possessions.

The fact of the matter is I could give a shit about the possessions. It’s really a bigger deal than any number could represent.

I came to Los Angeles from Fresno with a dream. To better my life, to work hard and to become a top model. It’s every little girls dream and with a ton of hard work, some lucky breaks, and some great support from my friends I’ve been able to live a lifestyle I could only dream about a few years ago and for that I’m grateful beyond words.

That said this town breeds some disgusting creatures. People who are so severely bored that in order to occupy their time they need to create drama with those around them. They miss work, they destroy those around them and they destroy themselves all to fulfill there boredom meanwhile projecting their insecurities for the world to see. It truly is High School to the nth degree.

The only problem is that the “homecoming queen” changes every time Perez Hilton updates his website and the voters in the popularity contest (my peers all around the world) don’t seem to care whether the press these creatures receive comes from a good action or a bad action.

This cycle of crap only adds fuel to these bored creatures who I’ve personally witnessed laugh and discuss the articles they have in magazines and the features they have on websites.

Now here I am at home with a locksmith changing my locks, and a security company installing cameras and sensors and I can’t help but think about the mess this is. About every time I saw some celebrity accuse another celebrity of “hacking” their Myspace or cell phone and how I always shrugged it off as some journalist desperately needing a story. Now that I’m living this mess, and dealing with the childish crap Hollywood sends your way I can’t help but empathize with those who’ve had to deal with these spoiled kids and their endless games.

I know I’ve kept quiet for a long time but hopefully you people will read this and understand that this shit is getting out of control. I’m nowhere near qualified to propose the solution to this disgusting trend but maybe if I get my shit back and these girls get the justice they deserve we’ll be moving a step in the right direction.

Wow. This is super long I know. But you’re on Myspace so you’re bored anyway right??

Hope all is well on your end. Luckily I’ve got some great friends who are going to keep me company tonight (thanks Jack, Harry, AM, Cat Gomez, Shwayze, Cisco, Skeet Skeet, Ruby & everybody else who has wished me kind words.)

Lauren seems like a sweet, decent girl who can actually string a sentence together - which makes her an altogether different sort of girl from Lindsay. VIPglamour is officially Team Lauren.

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