Britney Spears's liposuction treatment damages her legs?

Britney Spears's rapidly shrinking frame is rumored to be the result of a liposuction treatment called Lipodissolve reports Daily Mail UK

Lipodissolve reduces fat and improve cellulite through dozens (sometimes hundreds) of injections with small needles, which could explain the appearance of Spears' thigh.

Side effects of the treatment which claims to break down fat, include scarring, pigmentation, or ulcer formation. And patients may feel a small lump under the injection site, which reduces or disappears after a few weeks.

According to The Sun, Britney visited a liposuction specialist called the Advanced Lipo Dissolve Center in a bid to remove some of the fat that has accumulated on her stomach after having her children, Jayden James and Sean Preston, and from her partying-alcohol fueled lifestyle.



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