Leila Tong as a Foul-Mouthed Cover Girl

Caption: Leila Tong did not mind assuming a sexy image in her new theater project.

Leila Tong Ning will be participating in theater program, 《爆谷杀人狂》. Due to this project, she turned down a dozen other money-making opportunities.

"I even forfeited a concert opportunity in the USA!"

"My manager and I agreed that learning opportunities were more important over money!"

In the theater program, Leila plays a magazine cover girl. Leila noted that the greatest challenge was the sexy costumes.

"During practice, I could only tell myself that I had a great figure to increase my confidence!"

"The character also curses a lot, which is a departure from my normal habits!"

This theater project will play 8 performances, starting July 6th.

Although Leila is currently filming a TVB series, TVB made special arrangments to allow her to wrap up filming early. This will leave Leila with adequate time to to rehearse for her theater project.

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