Li Bingbing Graces 'CeCi' Magazine

Li Bingbing
Popular Chinese actress Li Bingbing is on the cover of one of the leading Korean fashion magazines. Li, who features on 'CeCi's January 2009 cover, is the first Chinese face to appear on the magazine.

Credited as a Korea-China Cultural Ambassador, Li Bingbing has gained a huge fan base in South Korea. The actress became well recognized following the screening of the blockbuster film 'The Forbidden Kingdom', in which she collaborated with big stars such as Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Her positive image was further boosted when Li promoted a Chinese charity in Seoul last November. The actress took part in a charity auction event to raise money for children in southwestern China's quake-battered Sichuan Province.

She has also enjoyed high exposure from being the face of a variety of ads for high profile international brands. Some mainstream Korean media consider the 'cultural ambassador' to have the most 'beautiful face in China.'

Chinese Actress Close Up: Li Bingbing

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Name: 李冰冰 / Li Bing Bing
Also known as: Lee Bing Bing
Profession: Actress and singer
Date of Birth: 1976-Feb-27
Birthplace: Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood type: A

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