Aaron Kwok Publicly Dates Lynn Xiong for Valentine's Day!

Aaron Kwok, Lynn Xiong
Valentine's Day is around the corner. Heavenly king Aaron Kwok openly made a date with his rumored girlfriend Lynn Xiong to spend the day together.

"It'll be boring for her to spend the day alone in Hong Kong. She can come watch me play billiards," Kwok laughed.

Kwok revealed his New Year celebrations for the past week on a celebratory show in Hong Kong on Friday. Besides spending the first day of Chinese New year with his friends, New Year's Eve and the second day of Chinese New Year were spent at home with his family. On the event, Kwok held on tightly to the God of Fortune, hoping to rub some luck off the latter.

"I won some money at the mahjong table when I played with my family. I'm feeling lucky this year," Kwok said.

Kwok said he has made plans for billiard games with his friends on Valentine's Day. With regards to spending the day with Xiong, he said, "Lynn is a good friend of mine. If she is feeling lonely in Hong Kong, I'll welcome her in watching us at the games!"

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