Audrina Patridge Isn’t Someone You Should Steal From

Sometimes common sense eludes people, and sometimes people are just fooled by it. Perhaps learning from Paris Hilton’s break-in a while back, a couple of robbers decide to take on Audrina Patridge’s home. There is only one word to describe this: FAIL.

A post on Audrina’s blog shows the surveillance footage of a young man and woman, both wearing hats, repeatedly entering and leaving the property before dashing off with two stuffed duffel bags.

“My house was broken into over the weekend but luckily my surveillance camera caught the burglary on tape,” Patridge writes in her blog. “I spent most of the morning filling out police reports and going through the house room by room making lists of everything that had been taken.”

Life lesson number one: while a lot of rich people tend to have security, not all hot chicks lack the brain function to invest in one. To the stealing couple counting their booty, my only question is “Do you feel lucky?”

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