Jessica Mauboy Wants a New No.1

Jessica Mauboy

She'S No.1 in the music charts, but Jessica Mauboy has her sights set on another goal: finding a new man.

The 19-year-old is searching for a new partner after breaking up with her boyfriend late last year.

"It was kind of like a mutual thing - but there's plenty more fish," said the singer, with a laugh. "I'm quite busy … but there's a couple of eyes [roving] here and there."

Mauboy said her music stardom had changed the way she approached guys and it's a little harder to know who is genuine.

"You're at a gig and you might see someone who's cute, but you can never bust a line really," she said. "It is hard because you don't really know if it's for real or not. But having a little bit of fun is not that bad."

Mauboy's manager, David Champion, who has watched the singer transform from a schoolgirl to an R&B siren, says she is clearly keen to find love. "She's 100 per single - and looking," said Mr Champion.

Mauboy, whose song Burn is No.1 on the ARIA singles charts, said she has matured a lot since her appearance on Australian Idol as a 16-year-old. "I'm more developed in a way. I was still growing up [then] and becoming a woman," she said.

Mauboy will sing at an Australia Day eve concert in Canberra today, with a separate performance lined up for 100 guests at the Lodge on Australia Day tomorrow, including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and family.

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