Aya Ueto Introduces 12th National Beauty Girl Contest

Aya Ueto, Tantan Hayashi, Shiori Kutsuna
Actress Aya Ueto, 23, on Wednesday attended a press conference in Tokyo together with Shiori Kutsuna, 16, and Tantan Hayashi, 19, to introduce the 12th National Beauty Girl Contest which will start accepting applications nationwide from April 1 to May 31.

Ueto, who was given the jury’s special award in the 7th contest in 1997, recalled her experience. “I was thinking only about the 2 million cash prize because I wanted to buy a house. But after the contest, I was told the jury’s special award was an ad-hoc prize decided that day and there was no cash prize for me.”

Hayashi, grand prix winner in the 11th contest, advised this year’s entrants: “Just act like yourself and keep smiling,” while the jury’s special award winner Kutsuna said, “There is no need to force yourself. You can make the judges understand you if you make an effort.”

Oscar Promotion will interview screened applicants after May 31, and hold the final on Aug 4.

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