Paris Hilton Jail-Bound For Real?

If the Los Angeles City Attorney who has filed documents asking that Paris Hilton be jailed for 45 days for violating her probation ever decide to run for public office, he’ll definitely win by a landslide.

Paris must show up in court tomorrow for driving on a suspended license, which was the result of her DUI arrest to which she pleaded no contest last January. Looks like the case against Paris is pretty tight. According to TMZ:

While her license was suspended, Hilton was stopped by the CHP last January 15, and again by the L.A. County Sheriffs on February 27.

The City Attorney will argue that Hilton certainly knew after she was stopped in January that she wasn’t allowed to drive, so the second stop was a flagrant violation of law.

To top all of this off, the dumbass ignored a court order requiring her to enroll in an alcohol education program within 21 days of its issuance. So basically, Paris is screwed, and hopefully, will be doomed “to serve 45 days in County Jail”, to not “consume any alcohol for a continuous period of 90 days”, “to be monitored for alcohol consumption”, and be made to wear “a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) device at her expense.”

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