Bada: A Sweet Candy from the Korean Showbiz

Although Bada wasn't ranked as one of the sexiest female singer in South Korea. This former member of the legendary girl-band, S.E.S., impressed her audiences with her sweet voice and her own unique styles.

Recently, this unique female singer has been selected by the Chinese government to receives a special award. Bada is also to be consider as the most loved singer by the Chinese fans right now.

At the end of July, Bada will be attending the award ceremony in China, as well as joint hand with the "Hope Project". She will officially shakehand with the Chinese to create a new version of this "Hope Project". Established for almost 20 years, this special project's main goal is to help poor children to continue their education.

The Chinese government is also building a school under Bada's name to thanks her for her compassionate helps to the new Hope Project. Bada feels very honoured to receives this special gift, because she'll be the first school founding who is from the Korean Entertainment.

Last October, Bada has also received "The Best Female Performer" award, which was handed to her, by the President of Korea himself. This special gift was awarded to the 27 years old singer for all the hardworks that she has given to the Korean Wave.

After S.E.S. disbanded in 2002, Bada has been working very hard to continue her career as a solo artist. She continuously releasing three successful albums, which was sold for a large number of records. Bada immediately became the most successful solo female artist from S.E.S. and the Korean Entertainment.

Bada is valued for her variety types of music, as well as her styles. Sometimes, she will impressed her audiences with a dance song, and other time with a sweet, gentle, tormenting ballad.

At the beginning of May, Bada participated in the Hallyu Star Fashion Festival along with Park Eun Hae, Son Ho Young, Kim Hyun Jung and Baby Vox Rev.

This special event will be held yearly to acknowledge artistes who has helped boost the Korean wave. Bada has suprised her fans with her new sexy look at the Hallyu Star Fashion Festival, which was held on May 5th.

Right now, Bada is locking herself up in the studio to get ready for her 2nd single, which is to be release at the end of June. Beside that, Bada is currently busy with her trip to Thailand for an upcoming pictorial album.

This pictorial drama is called "Natural Man", will be taken by famous photograher, Kwen Young. Natural Man surrounding a young woman's life, who has been through a bitter pain when she has to leaves her lover. This pictorial album will be include in Bada's upcoming single.

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