Liza Wang is the honorary recipient of the Mont Blanc de la Culture International Award

Mont Blanc de la Culture International Award is created to recognize the valuable work of an outstanding individual that has been promoting the arts and culture. valuable time and the spirit of the outstanding money, and for the most noble tribute, so as to awaken the international community support for the arts and concerns.

In the past 15 years, winners include Sir Run Run Shaw, Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Andy Lau. This year, the honorary recipient of this award is Liza Wang, in recognition of her 40 successful years in showbiz, which includes TV dramas, Singing, Chinese Opera. She has managed to attain remarkable achievements in all fields. Despite her busy work schedule, she has also put in a lot of effort in the promotion of arts and culture.

Liza Wang - a gallery

Liza - during her younger days

Liza - singing

Liza - Chinese Opera

Liza - Ancient Series - 1975

Liza - Modern Series - 1981 - pic with Chow Yun Fatt (Shell Game 2)

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