Lee Hom's and Jolin Tsai's Salaries Top Taiwan Stars Last Year


May is the month of tax collection in Taiwan. And, the media reports that Lee Hom Wang and Jolin Tsai, as the biggest star earners last year, are sure to make their contributions.

Lee Hom Wang has earned about 70 million yuan, with 5 million yuan arriving from his 6 concerts and shows. He has also signed ten advertisement deals relating to food products, clothes, cell phones and shampoo. In addition, he received 40 million yuan by extending his contract with his record company.

Jolin Tsai earned her 30 million from her new record company, and 20 million from advertisements. Her total salary last year was also around 70 million yuan.

In terms of group salary, S.H.E earned the most. The model, Lin Chiling, has taken the individual salary lead in her group.

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