Fahrenheit to Join the Pepsi Family

Fahrenheit to Join the Pepsi Family; Will Conquer Along With Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou

Ever since FAHRENHEIT made their first debut in Taiwan, popularity has followed them wherever they went. Big companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are also interested in working with them. According to a recent report, Fahrenheit is already prepared to sign a contract with Pepsi, and afterwards, the four boys will officially be part of the Pepsi family. This year, the Pepsi family has made some large changes. Besides CAI YI LIN (Jolin Tsai), KOO TIN LOK (Louis Koo), and YAN CHENG XU (Jerry Yan) being part of the family, "Zai Zai" ZHOU YU MIN (Vic Zhou) also renewed his contract. Fahrenheit, who are always being compared with F4, can finally get a chance to work with half of F4. The rest of F4, WU JIAN HAO (Vanness Wu) and ZHU XIAO TIAN (Ken Chu), will leave Pepsi. In fact, someone has reported that Vanness Wu has a large chance to join Coca-Cola instead.

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