Victoria Beckham was robbed

Someone stole a bunch of Victoria Beckham’s clothes and accessories from her backstage dressing room in Germany.

Some of the stuff taken includes:

- two pairs of $10,000 shoes
- a jacket
- jewelery
- stage outfits
- an embroidered one-of-a-kind red satin dressing robe designed for her by Roberto Cavalli

According to a source:

“Victoria’s post-show high was ruined when she noticed stuff had been nicked. All the other girls’ dressing rooms were untouched, but somebody had clearly been rifling through Victoria’s possessions. She was very upset. Fashion means everything to her. She keeps all her old outfits in storage.”

Earlier in the week, Posh Spice was pissed when she saw a backup dancer mocking her:

“She walked in on a dancer doing an impression of her, just standing at the mike, breathing heavily and pouting.”

Too funny!

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