Celebrity Hangover Cures

Listed below are range of tried and tested hangover cures by celebrities:

Cameron Diaz

Kylie Minogue: Favourite hangover cure – “It has to be egg sandwiches. I love them.”

Dannii Minogue: “My perfect hangover cure is putting a scraping of vegemite and grated cheese on toast and then grilling it”

Cameron Diaz: “Grease is the only cure for a hangover”

Kirsty Gallagher: “If I do get a hangover I drink loads of water and eat every hour. I also take a vitamin B supplement called Berocca.”

Kerry Katona: “My way of beating a hangover is simple: you can’t beat good greasy fat chips with loads of salt and vinegar”

Nigella Lawson: Hangover cure is the “Prairie Oyster” which consists of an egg yolk, tabasco, worcester sauce, brandy and vinegar - you have to swallow it down in one gulp.

Marco Pierre White: “I have a late night curry after a few pints to protect against getting a terrible hangover the next day”

Dermot O’Leary: “My hangovers get worse the older I get, so the only way to get over a hangover is to stay horizontal the next day”.

Will Mellor: “Take a two-litre bottle of water to bed with you and sip it throughout the night.”

Musician Moby: “My hangover cure is pretty complicated. Before going to sleep, I have a Tofurky, mustard and cucumber sandwich and a glass of carrot-orange juice. In the morning I have a special juice made from bananas, ginger, carrots, oranges with spiralina and cayenne pepper”.

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