Tyra Banks is Addicted to Her Wig


Tyra insists she doesn’t have an addictive personality.

She’s reportedly said, “I feel like I’ve been very lucky because I’m not really an ‘alcohol girl’ and I’m definitely not a ‘drug girl’.”

She says she orders wine when she’s out for dinner only so that she will look ’sexy’ holding a wine glass, but she really hates the taste. A sip or two is all she’ll take.

Tyra is adamant that because she doesn’t have an addictive personality, she won’t end up in rehab other stars have the misfortune to suffer through.

On the other hand, she just might - for being addicted to her wig.

It’s been reported the 33-year-old chat show host won’t spend the night with men for fear she’ll have to remove her long-haired wig. She doesn’t want any guy to see her without her hair on in the morning.

Imagine, such a confident woman being afraid to put her wig on the nightstand because her ‘roll-me-’over-’til-the-morning’ date-mate might not call her later.

Tyra, stop being so ridiculous. With your great looks and sexy body, none of these guys will even
notice whether you’ve got your hair on or not!

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