Nicole Kidman Dead…Again

Nicole Kidman

What is up with Nicole Kidman’s career these days? She can’t seem to beg, borrow or steal a decent movie to star in no matter how hard she tries.

Her latest on-screen venture, “The Golden Compass,” has been declared a serious box office flop. Her other recent flicks - ”The Invasion”, “Betwitched,” “Birth” and “The Stepford Wives” - didn’t fare much better among movie goers.

Did ex-husband, Tom Cruise, put some kind of weird Scientology hex on Nicole after their divorce in 2001?

Her only major screen credits since their split are ”Moulin Rouge”, “The Hours” and “Cold Mountain.” Anything she’s done since has been a huge box office disapointment.

Word is that she’s passing on a lot of scripts so that she can apparently waste away into nothingness while standing in the shadow of her current husband, Keith Urban, as he undertakes his Love, Pain And The Whole Crazy World tour.

Nicole’s been quoted as saying, “No red carpet, no pressure for me. I’m not doing a show. I’m just there as a wife and I take some photographs.”

What a nice politically-correct statement for an Academy Award winning actress to make when she’s been dubbed box office poison from here to Australia.

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