Stephen Chow to direct and star in Green Hornet

Hong Kong actor-director Stephen Chow is going to direct and star in the movie version of “The Green Hornet”, announced Columbia Pictures.

Canadian comedian Seth Rogen will co-write the movie and star as the main character; and Stephen Chow will star as Kato, Green Hornet’s sidekick which was played by legendary martial arts star Bruce Lee in the TV adaptation in 1960s.

Picture of Van Williams and Bruce Lee for TV series The Green Hornet
The Green Hornet and Kato, played by Van Williams and Bruce Lee in the 1960s TV series

It’s said that the movie will be more comedic than the original versions (comic, radio and TV)… but I have doubts over the making of this movie regardless. It just doesn’t click for me, and I don’t think the young generations could relate to the characters.

The Green Hornet is scheduled to premier in Summer 2010.

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