Amy Winehouse Pulls Out of French Festival

Within hours of her latest performance at the Rock in Seine festival in France, Amy Winehouse cancels claiming that she was too sick to pull her lazy ass out of bed. Not coming as a real surprise, since she canceled the same show last year, organizers might be looking for some legal action.

Her spokesman Chris Goodman told People, “It’s nothing serious. It’s just a normal illness—she hasn’t visited a hospital or anything like that. She’s at home in bed, just unable to sing.”

Yeah, we know the deal, she was probably too busy snorting her weight in fairy dust to care to make it to that silly show. But you have to admit they should have saw that coming, or at least knew that if she did show up, she was going to use her projectile vomit super powers to forecast light showers for everyone in the front row.

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