Sharon Stone Gets a Lawsuit

Sharon Stone is being sued by a construction worker for having a hidden death trap in her home. On August 25, 2006 the worker claims that while he was working, he fell over a bunch of plants that concealed a steep ditch. Since then, he’s been moaning and groaning over the physical and mental strain he’s been through.

While that particular job was memorable for Krause, a rep for the onetime Oscar nominee tells us that “[t]here’s no record of this individual being on the property and likewise there’s no record reporting this individual being injured on the property.

How utterly convenient. Who’s side is telling the truth? If someone as loud and obnoxious as this worker guy got injured, I’m sure someone would have found out about it, but then again? If he fell into a ditch and had to survive on eating bugs and snakes for three days until he was able to construct an escape route, then maybe I wouldn’t have a record on him too.

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