Nancy Grace ‘Torn Up’ About Hospitalized Twins

While Nancy Grace recovers at home from pregnancy complications, the Headline News anchor tells PEOPLE she’s “totally torn up” that her twins are still hospitalized and will likely remain so “for several weeks.”

“It’s just killing me leaving them there,” says Grace, 48, who was released from an Atlanta hospital last Thursday after being treated for pulmonary edema and blood clots in her lungs she developed during pregnancy.

Grace says she is spending “pretty much all my time” at the hospital so she can be with son John David and daughter Lucy Elizabeth, who were born Nov. 4. The twins, who have “golden blonde hair and greenish blue eyes,” are sleeping in the same bassinet.

John David, who “just passed the five-pound mark,” says Grace, will likely come home before his sister, Lucy Elizabeth, who now tips the scales at 3 lbs, 6 oz. Grace hopes to return home to New York by early December but says, “It all depends on when Lucy can travel.”

Grace is recovering slowly from the dangerous medical conditions she developed during her pregnancy. She had difficulty walking and suffered from severe shortness of breath for a month before her C-section delivery.

“I had to take a wheelchair back and forth to the studio.” she says. “My legs were horribly swollen. I could not breathe. I didn’t realize my body was filling up with fluid and I was developing blood clots to the lungs.”

Currently on anti-coagulants, Grace says she’ll be on medication “for the long term,” because, she says, “I want to be here to raise John David and Lucy Elizabeth.”

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