Britney Spears Lost Virginity at 14… Allegedly

Eric Ervin, a lawyer who worked with Britney Spears during her teenage years, has made the claim that Britney Spears’s wholesome “saving herself” image as a teenager was a total “pr blitz” because she in fact supposedly lost her virginity at 14 to her then boyfriend Reg Jones, reports US.

You know, 14 is a really young age and everything like that, but surprisingly enough it’s a lot more common than I once thought. Not saying it’s right, I’m saying its common. And, I would imagine it’s even more common amongst young girls living in the south and even more common if the girl has an older brother, but let’s not get down to useless details. Britney Spears lost her virginity at 14 and who can honestly say they’re surprised?

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