Jennifer Lopez needs to be stopped

Just when you thought Jennifer Lopez couldn’t be anymore of an insufferable bitch, she suprises you with this gem.

The actress apparently insists on dressing her five-month-old twins in new designer gear every day.
We’re told: “Jennifer was approached by a charity and asked to donate some dresses for a celebrity auction. She agreed and donated a gorgeous £5,000 frock.
“She also offered some of Max and Emme’s clothes, telling organisers that she never lets them ‘repeat’ outfits.

“But the auction deals only in adult clothes. Jennifer told them it was a shame, as some items cost over Û1,000 (£500) each.”

When I have kids they are going to be dressed in burlap sacks. Kids screw up all thier clothes. They’re kids. They’re alwaysrunning around in mud and eating spaghetti with their hands. I’ll be damned if my kid isn’t wearing the same Ninja Turtles T-Shirt everyday.

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