Michelle Rodriguez is free…for now

Michelle Rodriguez jail out

Michelle Rodriguez was released from prison after serving only 10% of her sentence.

The actress, best known for her role on Lost, was sentenced to 180 days for violating probation stemming from her DUI arrest. She checked into the Lynwood, California, jail days before Christmas, on Dec. 23.

“She’s nice, personable, down to earth … nothing like Paris Hilton!” a correctional officer told Us a few days into her stint. “She asked to work,” the source said of the star who helped in the kitchen. “She said she wanted a job and didn’t want to be isolated like other celebs.”

When asked if she was nervous about her jail time, Rodriguez said:

“Hell no! I’m going to have so much butch lesbian sex it’s going to be great!”

OK, so she didn’t exactly say that, but both you and I know that’s exactly what she was thinking.

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