Katherine Heigl wants kids…NOW

Katherine Heigl wants baby now

Josh Kelley must be second guessing himself right about now.

Following her winter wonderland wedding to musician Josh Kelley, Katherine Heigl says the next step for her is starting a family.

“I would like to start a family within the next year to year in a half,” she told Usmagazine.com as she rubbed her stomach.

Let me translate that for anyone who can’t read between the lines. Katherine Heigl said:

“I’m tired of being hot. I know I JUST got married, but I don’t want to let my husband enjoy my hot body at all. I want to get pregnant.”

“Oh, and I am going to eat like a pig and get nice and fat you know, I’ll be pregnant,” she said as she rubbed her stomach.

Poor dude. At least he can look at old pictures and remember what he once had.

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