Britney Spears name ‘Most Beautiful Woman In The World’…WTF?


Hello Magazine conducted a readers’ poll for the Most Attractive Men and Women in the world.

Britney Spears topped the Most Attractive Women’s poll.

I don’t get it either. The only saving grace is that Hello Magazine is a British publication…and those people are impressed by anyone with a full set of teeth.

Here are the results:

Most Attractive Woman
1. Britney Spears
2. Delta Goodrem
3. Sporty Spice & Athina Onassis
4. Angelina Jolie

Most Attractive Man
1. Sean Bean
2. Hugh Laurie
3. David Tennant
4. Nick Carter & Brad Pitt

Most Elegant Woman
1. Madonna
2. Christina Aguilera
3. Sarah Michelle Gellar
4. Princess Mary of Denmark

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