MTV bans P Diddy's commercial

The ad for P Diddy’s new fragrance needs some heavy editing before it can be aired. MTV execs are demanding a number of changes to the raunchy commercial.

Wow! If MTV refuses to air it…it must be really nasty!

According to the NY Post:

The TV commercial for Sean Combs’ fragrance, Unforgivable, is too hot - even for cable. The spot shows Combs “going at it” with Jessica Gomez in a stairwell and a hotel room. But after MTV screened the ads, execs sent a list of edits Combs will need to make before censors will allow it to air. The offending footage includes Diddy “hiking up” Gomez’s skirt, putting his hands under her dress, and a scene with another woman holding Gomez’s breast and pulling down her underwear.

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