J-Woww is a Very Naughty Schoolgirl

Now if more schoolgirls actually dressed like Jersey Shore's J-Woww, there would be NO teacher shortage. Guys would fall all over themselves enrolling in the Schools of Education at their universities.
This chick's tits were worth Every Damn Penny J-Woww paid for them. Let's face it: that's what makes her worth looking at. Staring at.
You know every dude at the event she was at was just praying for Divine Intervention to free her girls. That sight would've been worth dressing up in any damn costume you could find, even if it meant dressing up like a chicken or something stupid like that.
Don't you love how Halloween for grown ups becomes the chance to dress like a slut? Not that J-Woww needs a lot of encouragement in that area (and we love her for it, don't we?)
Photos by FAME

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