Paris Hilton Claims Good Behavior at Canne’s


Paris Hilton took a stand on her Myspace over allegations that she was kicked off of a yacht at the Canne’s Festival for indecent behavior in the bathroom. According to her, the media is simply lying through their teeth.

Paris Hilton is slamming a new report that she and beau Doug Reinhardt were tossed off David Furnish’s yacht for hooking up in the bathroom.

British papers claimed the heiress was asked to leave after she and Reinhardt were caught in a “compromising position” over the weekend following the Cannes Film Festival.

“I would never do that,” says the heiress. “It’s so lame that people will just create these crazy stories. I can’t believe the stories people will make up, so gross! I’m so sick of all these false rumors. It’s not fair that writers can get away it. They have no credibility.”

Right, Paris. I suppose that those old sex tapes of yours are stunt doubles that were paid by the government whom are conspiring against you, and those pictures of you at a Canne’s giving what’s-his-face a lap dance practically in the middle of a party for all to see was a hypnosis trick pulled by aliens from Pluto. Unlike those crazy paparazzi’s, Paris Hilton, the resident high class trash we’ve all come to love AND hate, just screams “credible source.”

Our lives would just be a little less brighter without her escapades.

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