Gianna Jun Declares Interest in Takuya Kimura at Promotion for 'Last Blood'

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Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun (Gianna Jun), 27, attended a special preview this week with co-star Koyuki, 32, in Shibuya for the Japan premiere of “Blood: The Last Vampire.” Jun, better known as Ji-hyun Jun, changed her name for the release of the movie which was filmed in English.

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Based on the Japanese animated film released in 2000, Jun plays a katana-wielding half-human/half-vampire who hunts full-blooded vampires, both to rid the world of them and due to the fact they are her only source of food.

At the premiere, Jun chose SMAP ’s Takuya Kimura as a man she would like to star with, saying he is a great actor. Kimura happened to be promoting the release of his own upcoming movie “I Come With The Rain” in Roppongi on Wednesday night, and Koyuki made a sly remark thanking everyone for coming to see their movie and not his.

“Blood: The Last Vampire” (billed as “Last Blood” in Japan) opens in cinemas on Friday.

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