BoA in America


Two months ago on March 17th, BoA released her debut English album with the aim of gaining access to mainstream American markets. The release of this album is especially pertinent given the release of Hikaru Utada 's second album approximately a month later. To give a short introduction on BoA, the singer began a very early career in Korea at the age of 13, releasing her first album in 2000. She would then spread to Japan, releasing a Japanese album the very next year. Some of her major works include "Jewel Song," "Valenti," "No. 1" and "Don't Start Now."

HOT[Liu Yi Fei ] [Virginity ] [Lin Chiling ] [first Chinese album ]
Sexy] [nude] [Paris Hilton] [Britney Spears ] [topless] [Jessica Alba]

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