Paris got groped,

Paris Hilton outside h.wood nightclub in Hollywood

A huge brawl broke out at h.wood nightclub earlier this morning after a dude grabbed Paris Hilton's tits. After the grab, Paris' boyfriend Doug Reinhardt pushed the guy away, but the guy's friend threw a beer bottle at Doug's head and all chaos broke loose. Meanwhile, Paris brushed off the sexual assault and danced on a table. Of course. RadarOnline has the details:
The club’s promoter grabbed the bottle thrower and put him in a headlock. At the same time, in all the chaos, someone pushed Paris, who fell into a group of people. Those people converged around Paris to keep her safe from the fighting.

Meanwhile, Doug was punching the bottle thrower, who was still in a headlock and they ended up on the floor together. The guy who started it all by grabbing Paris’ chest joined in and was punching Doug.

Frankie Delgado jumped into the action (literally jumping over people), and kicked the fight-starting, boob-grabber in the head. People were screaming in fear.

Club security rushed over but the fight continued even as they tried to break it up. Lotsa fighters got tossed from the club when it was all sorted out.

And in typical bizarre Hollywood fashion, as the fight was going on, the DJ put on “Stars Are Blind.” Yup, that’s the song by Paris. And while her boyfriend was out there trying to kick butt and protect her honor, she got up on a table and started dancing to her own song!
Wow, talk about no patience whatsoever. There's no need to grab Paris' tits. Dude, just wait your turn. Because you will eventually get a chance to fuck her. Paris is a lot like waiting in line at the DMV. Sure there may be 75 guys in front of you, but you will eventually be serviced.

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