Britney Spears’ Court Circus

The circus theme that Britney Spears has been going with for a while has been successful both on and off stage–her audience just can’t get enough of it. The latest chapter of Brit’s life revolves around the past, as her and her father go to court in order to extend an existing restraining order against Sam Lufti, Brit’s former boyfriend and manager. His sister stood before the court to claim that the once troubled singer actually wanted contact with the man, and on top of that wanted to be released from the clutches of her controlling father.

According to Christina [Lufti], Britney said she wanted Sam to get her a new lawyer, and a pre-paid cell phone.

Now imagine this scene: Christina says she met Brit on January 16 in the sauna at a posh Beverly Hills hotel to deliver the cell phone. She claims the drop went down while Brit’s mom and bodyguards were nearby in the hotel.

Lutfi also testified that Britney said she “felt like a prisoner,” was “afraid of her father” and that he was threatening to take away her kids.

If this story didn’t move you, don’t worry– it didn’t move many people who heard it in person. Despite being a surprise witness, the restraining order has yet to be lited.

However in the meantime, at least lift something of your own with Britney Spears featured on the Germany cover of Maxim. Woo!



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