Paris Hilton Should Write the Socialite’s Art of War

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Love and drama is in the air once again for Paris Hilton and her new toy Doug Reinhardt, Amanda Byne’s former love interest.

According to E! News, Paris and Doug hit up Hollywood hotspot Teddy’s on Saturday night where a source says the pair “were hanging out together all night at a VIP table in the back corner with a big group of friends. Amanda was nearby at another table with girlfriends.”

“She was definitely within eyeshot of Paris and Doug, but avoided looking at them,” says the source. “She was trying to keep herself occupied by dancing and hanging with her girls, and made it appear as if she didn’t care about Paris and Doug’s escapades nearby.”

Will Amanda have some sort of breakdown? Hook up with an 18 year old out of spite? Release some sort of sex tape to get even? All of that and more will be answered in the next episode!

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