Korean actress Choi Jin-shil commits suicide

Korean actress Choi Jin-shil was found dead in her home in Seocho, Seoul, early this morning (Oct 2). The 40-year-old star hung herself in her bathroom, and her body was discovered by her mother at around 6.15am.

Picture of Korean actress Choi Jin-sil who committed suicide in October 2008

The police didn’t rule out foul-play initially because no suicide note was found, but it was later discovered that Choi did text a message around midnight to her close friend asking to take care of her two children if something bad happened… which hinted that it’s an apparent suicide [more on Coolsmurf]

Choi’s mother also told the cops that the actress had been suffering depression after her divorce in 2004 and was under medication. And the recent malicious rumours that she was involved in actor Ahn Jae-hwan’s recent death had probably triggered her suicide.

Choi Jin-shil was one of Korea’s most popular actress in the 90s and was making a successful comeback in recent years.

She made her acting debut in 1988 and starred in ~30 movies and dramas, including the popular “Wish Upon a Star” in 1997 which made her well known in other Asian countries as well.

Choi married baseball Cho Sung-min in December 2000 and went into temporarily hiatus; but the marriage lasted less than four years, in which she won the custody of her two children after a lengthy custody battle.

Choi made her acting comeback in 2004 with high-rated dramas “War of the Roses” and “My Rosy Life”. Her last film was popular drama “My Last Scandal” in early 2008, with a sequel already in planning; and she also hosted a talk show… she was peaking again financial and career wise.

Choi Jin-shil was probably pushed over the edge by malicious rumours that she was partly responsible for Ahn Jae-hwan’s suicide death last month, that she had loaned a large sum to Ahn and pressured him to return the money when his business failed. Choi had denied the rumours and filed a police report; a suspect was being arrested a few days ago while the case is still under investigation.

I am strongly against taking our own life regardless of the difficulties; but when it comes to Koreans, I am dumbfounded. I just can’t understand what is going on with the nation; suicide has become an apparent trend in the society… something is just not right.

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