Jennifer Aniston Goes Back in for Sloppy Seconds

Although Jennifer Aniston’s friends know just as well as we do that “The Player” John Mayer is up to no good re-kindling their romance on the week of his birthday, we also should know that at this point, Jennifer Aniston sucks at relationships in general and is probably just looking for a little action.

John Mayer rang in his 31st birthday at exclusive Beverly Hills cigar bar Grand Havana Room October 15 - with back-on girlfriend Jennifer Aniston by his side.

The relaxed pair hung out on a private outdoor patio for several hours late in the evening. Mayer, at one point, affectionately stroked Aniston’s hair.

“They were holding hands at one point and seemed very much back on,” a witness tells Us [Magazine].

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t look like she grows a tolerance for bad men, but her tolerance for pain…? Let’s just say her next publicity stunt should involve her swallowing knives while being set on fire, and then kicked off a cliff. She would walk away from that thing like she just gobbled up a Grand Slam from Denny’s.

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