Spears Put on short Leash Where Kids are Concerned

Seems you can’t find a decent piece of gossip these days that doesn’t involve Britney. So not one to be out of vogue, here’s the latest.

A Los Angeles family court has issued strict rules governing Britney Spears’ visitation rights with her children including that a monitor must be present whenever the pop star is with them.

The written order from Court Commissioner Scott Gordon was released on Thursday, one day following the ruling that the two boys would remain in the custody of their father, Kevin Federline.

During those times, “all visitation with (Spears), shall be in the presence of a monitor.” The order further stated that the monitor “shall terminate visitation immediately if any conduct or action by (Spears) endangers the minor children,”

Gordon also repeated past orders that Spears undergo random drug testing twice a week, and said that a missed test, refusal to take one or the failure to respond to a testing agency’s call would be considered a failed test.

Somebody set up a poll. Will Britney comply with the latest court order? Don’t tell me how you’re voting. I want to be surprised.

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