Kim Kardashian Involved in Underage Pornography?

After sexually explicit pictures of both Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian were allegedly being shopped around to different media outlets, a criminal investigation was launched. The two girls were supposedly underage in the pictures. According to Gate Crasher,

The women are also seen in sexual poses with a naked man.

But while Kim is 27 and Kourtney is 28, sources say the pictures were taken 11 years ago, when they were teenagers.

I may not be good at math, but that would make Kim 16 and Kourtney 17. So there is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this Kim Kardashian scandal. Kim was a slut long before her sex tape was released to the public. Like most rumors of nude pictures, I’m sure they’ll be all over the internet tonight, but if they are in fact under-age, I’m not going to touch them. The last thing I need is the FBI kicking my door down while I have my pants off.

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