Lady Gaga is just a little bit paranoid

Apparently Lady Gaga is so afraid of being murdered by a fan that she has a bodyguard stationed in her room while she sleeps. Actually, that's probably the most normal thing I've heard about this crazy bitch in the past two years. A source told Contact Music:
"Gaga thinks some of the fan mail has been pretty ominous. Some of her fans are completely obsessed - they make weird comments like saying they won't be happy until they die with her. She worries over how John Lennon died and fears the same happening to her. She has these horrible thoughts that there may be plans to kill her. Her security team are always close by. She is becoming more and more reliant on them and won't go anywhere alone. Her bodyguard even sits in her room as she sleeps."
Don't worry Lady Gaga, a crazed fan isn't going to kill you -- but an activist for PETA might. What's interesting is that, at this point, Lady Gaga's fans are probably the only people that don't want her dead. If the rest of us wanted to hear the constant yapping of someone that wanted nothing but attention, we could always listen to Madonna our girlfriends.

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