Dooce diagnosed with skin cancer, and urges us to cover up -- again

It's pretty difficult to be part of the blogging world and not keep up Dooce, one of the Intenet's biggest blogebrities. So maybe you know this already but she's just been diagnosed with skin cancer -- again. Her struggle with cancer, like the rest of her life over the past few years, was documented on her ever-popular blog and I imagine will continue to be and she tackles the issue again.

A couple of days ago, she wrote this post which, in the candid style that characterizes her writing, urges people to cover up, just as she did during he first battle with cancer. Whether you know her or not, it's a wake-up call for people like myself who are ignorantly proud of our tanned post-vacation bodies. Every bit of colour you get from the sun is evidence of sun damage to your skin, and you need to take care of it. Skin cancer should not be something that healthy women in their 30s get. It's serious business.

Your thoughts?

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