Bruce Willis gets His Butt Kicked by a Woman in Die Hard 4.0

Bruce Willis (52 years old) - playing New York police officer, John McClan, who fights with Sexy villain Mai (played by Maggie Q) in Die Hard 4.0 is quoted as saying that the explosive fight scene with Maggie Q is one of his favourites.

He said:

“The stuff that I do with Maggie is just bananas. First of all I have never fought a woman in a film before. Second, I have never got my ass kicked by a woman in a film before.

“Third, I don’t hit women in real life, never have, never will, but Maggie bought believability to it.

“It’s one of my favourite scenes of the film.”

Maggie Q, 28, revealed Bruce encouraged her to hit him even harder.

She said:

“A hero and a tough guy like Bruce is I imagined he would be like ‘I don’t want a chick kicking my ass’, but he was really into it. And that was really cool.

“When someone you are supposed to be hurting is saying ‘yeah, good, more’, the tougher you look and the better it will sell.”

Maggie Q / Maggie Quigley has an interesting heritage - her father is American, Irish and Polish and her mother is Vietnamese and rose to International Fame after working along side Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible III

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