林志玲性感照片 Lin Chiling Sexy Photos

Lin Zhiling is one of Taiwan’s top actresses and supermodels. She is the official spokesperson for China Airlines, and has earned the nickname Bing QiLing (冰淇淋), meaning “ice-cream.” Born November 29, 1974, she is currently 33 years old. Her movie debut is coming in John Woo’s historical epic, Red Cliff, where she will play the role of Xiao Qiao.

Lin Zhiling in a qipao






Cute High Heels

Does anyone know who this model is? She looks adorable in these cute shoes.



Jolin Tsai (蔡依林)

Chinese pop star Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) is too scandal free, but these photos of her are nice:




Nozomi Sasaki (ささき のぞみ)

Nozomi Sasaki, ささき のぞみin Japanese, is a gravure model and voice actress from Akita, Tokyo. Her official blog is http://ameblo.jp/sasaki-nozomi/.








Fiona Xie Wan Yu (谢宛谕)

Fiona Xie is a recent Singaporean model and actress. She’s been on TV, in print ads, and in two movies. FHM rated her first of Singapore’s 100 Sexiest Women.





And here is a picture of Fiona Xie before plastic surgery:


Baby Vox’s Lee Hee-Jin (이희진)

Lee Hee Jin (이희진 in Korean) is a member of the former band Baby V.O.X. (베이비복스). She was born on February 21, 1980 and is currently 28 years old. She was a lead singer in the band between 1997 and 2006, before it dissolved and was reformed as “Baby Vox Re.V”

Name - Lee Heejin
Birthday - February 21, 1980
School - DongAh Broadcasting College
Hometown - Seoul
Height - 168cm (or 5′5″)
Weight - 44kg (or 96 pounds)
Blood type - A
Religion - Buddhist

燕燕: Siyan Huo

Actress Siyan Huo (霍思燕) also know as Yan Yan (燕燕) was born on October 23, 1981 in Beijing, China. She is the star of numerous TV shows, including My Name Is Fame.


Maki Horikita Looking for 'Mr X' as Ideal Spouse

Maki Horikita

Actress Maki Horikita, 20, this week started recording the Japanese voiceover for the Belgian 3D animation film “Fly Me to the Moon.” Horikita dubs the character of a fly. After the recording, Horikita said, “In the film, the fly experiences lots of danger caused by humans. After you watch this film, you will not want to kill a fly.”

However, as always, the media were more interested in her love life. Asked what she thinks about actress Erika Sawajiri’s marriage whose party was held the same day, and her own marriage prospects, Horikita said, “If I can find Mr X, I won’t mind if he’s older than me. I hope that I can get married before I turn 30.”

“Fly Me to the Moon” will be released on March 28.

Japanese Actress Close Up: Maki Horikita

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Name: 堀北真希 (ほりきた まき)
Japanese Name: Horikita Maki
Nicknames: Maki-maki, Homaki, Makinpo, Horikitty, Pori chan
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1988-Oct-06
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 160cm
Star sign: Libra
Blood type: B

Edison Chen Back in Obama T-shirt

Edison Chen
Just one year after his public announcement to quit the Hong Kong entertainment industry due to a sex photo scandal, singer-actor Edison Chen has occupied showbiz headlines once again as he sports his fashion brand Clot's latest collection.

Several promotional photos featuring Chen were released recently on the official website of Clot. Although this is the third consecutive year that he has appeared in his own brand's ad campaign, the move has sparked speculations that the bad boy was sounding out public opinion about his return.

The most eye-catching item of the line, a Barack Obama T-shirt which features a five thousand U.S. dollar bill with the new president on its face, is put up for sale on Tuesday with 580-HK-dollar price tag, reported the China News Service.

The pop star, who has been living in the U.S. over the year, has attended a series of unsuccessful Hollywood auditions, the agency quoted sources as saying.

Chen's latest homegrown film, Media Asia's "Snipers", is set to be released in March across Asia. It's quite likely that he will join in the movie's promotional tour in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and South Korea. Commercial performances in Singapore and Malaysia are also under negotiation, Chen's manager said.

In January 2008, photos of Edison Chen caught in sexual acts with various Hong Kong starlets surfaced on the internet and stirred up the whole Chinese speaking world. The scandal nearly forced popular singer-actress Gillian Cheung to stop her showbiz career. At least eight people were arrested for circulating the racy photos on the internet, which violated local anti-porn laws.

Chen, a Canadian national, has refused to return to Hong Kong and will give evidence in a British Columbian Supreme Court next month for the trial of computer technician Sze Ho-chun, 23, accused of downloading and releasing photos from Chen's computer, the South China Morning Post reports.

Hong Kong Singer Close Up: Edison Chen

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Name: 陳冠希 (陈冠希) / Chan Kwoon Hei (Chen Guan Xi)
English Name: Edison Chen
Profession: Actor and singer
Date of Birth: 1980-Oct-07
Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: A

Who Spied on Jeon Ji-hyun?

Jeon Ji-hyun

Police have seized hard disks of computers and documents at Sidus HQ, the agency for star Jeon Ji-hyun. The Seoul Metropolitan Police on Monday seized the material when they learned that the star's cell phone was being spied on. They are questioning three suspects including the head of a private detective agency on charges of copying SIM cards.

The three are suspected of cloning cell phones, tracking locations, and seeking to catch victims in compromising situations. They have allegedly received some 30 requests to spy on people since October 2006 and charged W1-3 million (US$1=W1,375) per case.

Police believe that an executive at Sidus HQ asked the suspects to copy the star's SIM cards to check the records of her calls and text messages.

Jeon made her debut as a fashion model in magazine Ecole in 1997 after being discovered in the street. She has since then risen to become the top star at Sidus HQ and a core figure in the Korean Wave. The agency denies the allegations and the star has declined to comment.

Her contract with the agency expires next month, so the outcome of the investigation could determine whether she renews it or seeks new representation.

Korean Actress Close Up: Jeon Ji Hyun

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Name: 전지현 / Jun Ji-hyun (Jeon Ji-hyeon)
Real Name: 왕지현 / Wang Ji-hyun (Wang Ji-hyeon)
Profession: Actress, Model
Date of birth: 1981 October 30
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 172cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood Type: B
Family: Parents, older brother

Namie Amuro Shines in the Bathtub for New Hair-care Commercials

Namie Amuro
Singer Namie Amuro, 31, is set to shine in two new hair-care product commercials from Procter & Gamble, which feature the singer in the bathtub in a European castle. There are two versions of the commercial for P&G’s Vidal Sassoon hair-care series, one 15 seconds long and the other 30 seconds long, and will air from Friday.

Amuro said: “My new song ‘Dr’ was created specifically for this commercial, so I hope people take note not only of the beautiful hair but also the song.”

Japanese Singer Close Up: Namie Amuro

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English Name: Amuro Namie
Japanese Name: 安室奈美恵
Birthday: September 20, 1977
Birthplace: Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
Blood Type: O
Family: Parents divorced, mother deceased, 2 sisters and 1 brother
Height: 159cm / 5'2"
Weight: 40kg / 88 lbs
Measurements: B75 W58 H84

'Red Cliff' Vies for Best Asian Film

Red Cliff, John Woo, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Koyuki, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Vicki Zhao Wei, Shido Nakamura, Chang Chen, Lin Chiling

Hong Kong director John Woo's historical epic "Red Cliff" scooped nominations for both best film and best director at the Asian Film Awards Wednesday.

But the film's two stars, Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro, were overlooked by judges for the third annual Hong Kong-based prize, AFP reported.

"Red Cliff" will compete for the best picture title with five other Asian films, including the Chinese-language film "The Warlords", Japanese anime flick "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea", and the South Korean film "The Good, the Bad and the Weird", which led the list of nominees with eight nods.

In the best director category, Woo will face "The Good, the Bad and the Weird" director Kim Ji-woon, as well as Chinese mainland filmmaker Feng Xiaogang, who was nominated for "If You Are the One".

John Woo is best known for directing the Hollywood blockbuster "Mission: Impossible II". He released the US$80 million film "Red Cliff" in two segments, with the first coming out in July last year and the second half currently hitting theaters. "Red Cliff I" is the most profitable Chinese-language film in history, and the sequel has also reported good revenue so far.

"If You Are the One" comedian Ge You is the only Chinese nominee for the best actor award, while Chinese talents seized half of the spots for best actress. Jiang Wenli ("And the Spring Comes"), Zhao Wei ("Painted Skin") and Zhou Xun ("The Equation of Love and Death") will all vie for the title.

A total of 36 Asian films were selected from among hundreds of entries in 13 categories. The awards are organized by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society.

The nominations will be judged by a 13-member jury headed by Michelle Yeoh, the Malaysian-Chinese actress who starred in the 1997 James Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies".

The winners will be announced at a ceremony scheduled for March 23.

Four 22 Year-old Star Actors Up and Coming

Lee Min-ho, Jeong Il-woo, Moon Geun-young, Jang Geun-seok
Lee Min-ho, of the hit new drama series "Boys over Flower," has shot up to stardom. Jeong Il-woo is also getting significant attention, and his drama "The Return of Iljimae" has yet to start.

Moon Geun-young, who won the Grand Prix at the SBS TV awards late last year, was the heroine of the historical drama "Kingdom of the Winds" while Jang Geun-seok cemented his popularity for his role in the hit music drama "Beethoven Virus."

All four were born in 1987. The talented foursome of 22 year olds is set to rule 2009.

Tall, handsome, born stars

The four all have handsome looks and long, slender legs. Lee is 186㎝, tall, Jeong 184㎝ tall, and Jang 182㎝ tall. Moon appears small but she is in fact 165㎝ tall.

Lee is well built. In the drama, his character sports curly hair so his head looks bigger on screen but strong facial looks match his masculine figure.

In contrast, Jeong and Jang have more of a feminine flair. They have smooth, small faces while Moon is close to a real-life fairy tale character.

Big career break

Moon first gained attention playing the childhood character of actress Song Hye-gyo in the hit 2000 series "Autumn Tale." The Moon syndrome began with her 2004 film "Young Bride." In the latest "Kingdom of the Winds," she was comparable to her co-star, veteran actor Park Sin-yang. Her role of a woman disguised as a man was also well played.

Jang played the rebellious younger brother of actress Jeon Do-yeon in the 2005 "Lovers in Prague." He continued to appear in "Hwangjini" in 2005, "Hong Gil Dong" last year and in the latest "Beethoven Virus" in which he played a genius musician.

Jeong was another case of overnight stardom through the hit sitcom "Unstoppable High Kick," which ended in 2007. In the lead role of the new drama "Return of Iljimae," he is anticipated to play a character compared to Lee Jun-gi's performance in the 2008 "Iljimae."

Lee Min-ho is the latest heartthrob and teen superstar thanks to "Boys over Flower." He debuted in the EBS drama "Secret Campus" in 2006 and appeared in a number of movies including "Public Enemy 3" and "Our School ET" but didn"t gain much attention. His role of the wealthy and cocky "Gu Jun-pyo" in "Boys" has earned him explosive popularity.

Only 22, ready to soar

Receiving the grand prize at last year"s TV awards, Moon said she feels more sorry than grateful. She said "I want to continue acting but I'm greatly burdened by this award."

Lee has confessed to difficult times in the past 3 to 4 years when he was unknown and things didn"t work out as well as he thought they would.

Worldwide Fame Can Wait for Taiwan Superstar Jay Chou

Jay Chou, Lin Chiling

His face adorns countless advertisements in China, he's sold millions of albums, and wherever he goes his adoring fans mob him. But for Taiwan singing sensation and budding actor Jay Chou, worldwide fame can wait.

Chou's music, which intertwines Western R&B and hip-hop with a distinctive Chinese flavor, has drawn a huge and sometimes obsessive following across Asia, especially in China, since his debut with the album "Jay" in 2000.

Last year's sports comedy "Kung Fu Dunk" was a hit across Asia for Chou. He'll appear onscreen with Taiwan supermodel Chiling Lin in "Ci Ling," which won't be released for at least another year.

But unlike Korean pop sensation and actor Rain, one of Asia's top-selling musicians, who has tried with little success to break into Hollywood, Chou says global renown can wait.

"For the international market, you have to study English," Chou told Reuters in a rare interview with foreign media, admitting that his English skills were not up to the task.

"When the time is right, I will do the international market, but it's not right yet."

Brought up in suburban Taipei by his mother, Chou, 30, flunked his college entrance exam and had thought about becoming a piano teacher, until fame came knocking.

With his catchy songs, street Mandarin, boyish good looks and self-effacing, almost shy, manner, he has won the hearts of fans even outside Chinese-speaking Asia, and has had much success in Japan. He is rarely out of the paparazzi's glare.

His global profile was raised when he starred alongside internationally renowned Chinese actors Gong Li and Chow Yun-fat in Oscar-nominated director Zhang Yimou's spectacular 2006 historical drama "Curse of the Golden Flower."


Already garlanded with praise and awards for his music, Chou now wants to pay more attention to his film career.

"Movies are more of a focus for now. As for music, I'll put out one album a year," said Chou, immaculately dressed in a white and gray checked suit, a small diamond-encrusted crucifix dangling from his neck. "I'll probably do two films a year."

Unusual for a star in the bubble-gum world of Mandopop, the classically trained Chou writes many of his own songs.

"He's a god," said Lin, getting ready to start filming "Ci Ling" with Chou, a film whose unlikely plot centers on a couple who go back in time to ancient Mongolia looking for treasure, according to Chinese media. "Nobody can match his creativity."

The power and popularity of his songs have not gone unnoticed in Beijing. Some have appeared on a list of 100 approved songs for music lessons in Chinese middle schools.

"He's unique, in every way. He's the best of his generation," said "Ci Ling" director Chu Yin-ping.

Chou says he would like to work with Western artists, bashfully admitting a preference to team up with U.S. hip-hop group the Black Eyed Peas. Fellow Taiwan star Jolin Tsai in 2007 recorded a song with Australian pop star Kylie Minogue.

"If I have to sing in English, wow, it will take a lot of time," Chou said. "If they don't mind, I'll sing in Chinese and they can sing in English. That would be a better match."

Taiwanese Actor Close Up: Jay Chou

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Birth name: 周杰倫
Also known as: President Chou (周董)
Born: January 18, 1979
Occupations: Singer, songwriter, director, and actor