Nude-Performing Actress Suffers Breakdown

choi jae-kyung

A theater actress was hospitalized due to a nervous breakdown Tuesday after a man tried to record images of her naked body with a hidden camcorder several days earlier.

According to the stage production company Cham, a 50-year-old unidentified man was caught while trying to record actress Choi Jae-kyung's naked body and sex scene during the play "The Professor and The Female Student" on Dec. 15. The actress had a nervous breakdown, which led the doctors to advise her to report to the hospital.

"There might have been more cases we couldn't detect. It could lead to being a serious crime," the production company said in a press release. The director decided to replace Choi with an understudy cheerleader-turned-actress Lee Tam-mi.

"The Professor and The Female Student" is about a 45-year-old university lecturer discovering his power through sexual intercourse with his female student. The show includes a sex scene, where both actors are naked for about five minutes. The play caused a stir when a man in his 50s tried to grab Choi during the play earlier this month. Last month, another audience member suffered a heart attack during the show. He later said he was "overly excited."

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