Ink-splashed 'Zhang Ziyi' in Touble?

zhang ziyi
Actress Zhang Ziyi was spotted going for a walk with her niece Wednesday night in the lobby of the Park Hyatt Beijing, where she is rumored to have bought a property, sina.com reports.
The weary-looking actress had nothing on her face except an oversized pair of glasses.

Zhang reportedly slipped past the many scouting paparazzi perched around the lobby ready to catch film star Maggie Cheung , who was expected there for an engagement banquet with her German architect boyfriend, Ole Scheeren.

Dramatically enough, Maggie Cheung didn't show up, but actress Zhang fell victim to the thirsty 'predators' instead.

Zhang stirred up chaos when she was identified, but she finally pushed through the media and made her escape.

Even stranger, that night a group of malicious guys reportedly stormed into the lobby, requesting to meet Zhang while uttering dirty words.

A giant ad for a watch featuring Zhang Ziyi in a store not far from the hotel was later splashed with ink by those people.

Last night's events sparked wide online speculation about the actress, and though it remains a mystery, Zhang seems to be in some kind of trouble.

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