Jeremy Piven still wants him a piece of that

Hayden Panettiere at the 6th season premiere of Entourage in LA

Remember last October when Jeremy Piven was hitting on Hayden Panettiere at an Emmy's afterparty, but she brushed him off? Nine months later, he's still trying to get into her pants. From the New York Post:
Jeremy Piven seemed fully recovered from mercury poisoning at Thursday night's "Entourage" premiere in LA. Spies at the Belvedere-hosted soiree on the Paramount lot told us, "Piven was looking Hayden Panettiere up and down in between sips of vodka and soda."
These two would be perfect for each other. Hayden likes older men and Jeremy likes women that are breathing. Further evidence that these two were made for each other: They both shop for clothes in the "Juniors" department, and they both list "acting" and "racing horses" as their hobbies. If Jeremy's serious about getting into Hayden's pants, there's only one thing he can do that's guaranteed to seal the deal. HINT: It rhymes with "three episode contract to appear on the next season of Entourage."

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