Hayden doesn't care

Hayden Panettiere in Cannes

Even though you know she cares and is horribly embarrassed, Hayden Panettiere is acting like she doesn't care that the tattoo on the side of her body is misspelled. From WENN:
Hayden Panettiere has admitted the tattoo she got on her back last year is spelled wrong. She asked for the Italian phrase vivere senza rimpianti, which means live without regret. Only the tattooist slipped nin an extra i.

In keeping with the sentiment, Hayden insists she doesn’t care: ”it’s misspelled, whatever, I just put my own spin to it. That’s why I love having it on my back. I don’t have to stare at it all the time.”
Perhaps Hayden's just trying to be ironic by sporting a misspelled tattoo that's supposed to mean "Live Without Regret." More ironic though is the fact that the way it's spelled now translates into "Talentless Midget." Of course, as an actress on Heroes, it's obvious why Hayden doesn't seem too upset about the offending ink: she's used to bad writing.
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