Paraguay’s Larissa Riquelme Fulfills Couraegeous World Cup Promise, Gets Nakey

She's been making headlines ever since she arrived at a public viewing of Paraguay's first World Cup clash with Italy.

Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme captured the hearts and imaginations of football fans all over the world with her sexy antics while watching her national side in South Africa.

Much to the delight of photographers - and all red-blooded males - the 24-year-old turned out in a patriotic low-cut top with a mobile phone wedged between her breasts.

Initially, Riquelme promised to strip naked and run naked through the streets of Asuncion, painted in her team's colours if they won the whole tournament.

However, such was the clamour to see much more of the sexy soccerette that she has peeled off in honour of her team's efforts in Africa.

The South American side reached their first ever World Cup quarter final but succumbed to Spain in a thrilling match which featured two saved penalties and disallowed goal.

Yet the real drama was that Larissa may not have stripped off at all.

But in honour of the player's efforts, taking their side so far, she decided to treat the nation anyway.

And we're all very glad she decided to show such generosity.

Never missing a game and showing great lung capacity to scream her support all the way through her team's matches, the model has been dubbed 'the World Cup’s girlfriend.'

Riquelme has admitted that her efforts were an attempt to enhance her profile and grab attention from modeling industry.


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