In this week’s Page Six Magazine – Comedienne Sarah Silverman on breaking up with Jimmy Kimmel, and why she’s on Team Coco. The star of her own Comedy Central show, The Sarah Silverman Program, talks about her new flame Family Guy writer Alec Sulkin, the recent late-night talk show wars, and why smoking pot is better than drinking.

On being single and famous for the first time ever after a very serious off-and-on relationship with Jimmy Kimmel:
“This was the weirdest time being single. I’ve always had long relationships, so I’ve never been single when people on the street know who I am. And it made it so…it felt a little isolating. Part of the fun of meeting someone is having them discover you. You’re doing your little tap dance, like, ‘This is me!’ And then [the person has] all these preconceived notions, things that are partially true and partially not.”

On David Letterman’s recent sex scandal:
“Well, it didn’t surprise me at all. Is it so crazy? It didn’t blow my mind, and it didn’t make me love him less, because the reasons I love him don’t have anything to do with who he’s f–king. I mean, I can’t imagine he’s the nicest man in the world, but I love ‘talk show host’ David Letterman. I’m not looking to have him be a United Nations representative. The same thing with Tiger Woods. We’re all so shocked that an athlete is f–king people?”

On smoking pot and her medical marijuana prescription:
“I went to the doctor and was honest. I said, ‘When I’m working and I have to get to sleep for the next day, I’d rather smoke a little bit of Indica than take a sleeping pill. Also when I have menstrual cramps, that makes it go away.”

On the recent late-night-talk show wars
“When Conan started in 1993, it took him years to get an audience, and he did—a huge cult audience. But when you move to 11:30, things change—it’s starting over, and the network should have been patient and stuck with him. The truth is, I don’t think the failure is Conan’s show but Leno’s show at 10:00. Taking that 10:00 slot screwed them over, and the affiliates got pissed. Leno said he was gonna retire—I remember the day he announced it. Conan was my first big break. He put me on all the time. I played on the Conan soccer team. I have a place in my heart so special for him.”

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